Will of Humaity

A Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion Mod
A Fallen Vortex Development

The Advent and Vasari are far superior to the TEC. We have been fighting a war on two fronts for many years and we are losing. Diplomacy is no longer an option. You must lead us now that our Military Leaders are dead. We can withdraw and isolate ourselves from the rest of the universe or lash out and avenge our fallen brothers and sisters, whatever you choose you must insure humanities survival no matter the cost. These aren't orders, this is the Will of Humanity.

Expand and Conquer

This mod increases your fleet supply and the number of capital ships that can be active at once but you can still only have one titan.  It also makes the pirates and ai more powerful and aggresive.
Some PC's may not be able to support higher values, the PC may not be capable of processing and rendering so many ships at one given time . This may cause the game to have a lower fps.
A way to improve this is to go to settings, go to effects and reduce the details, extras and bump of all structures, ships and planets.
Download Expand & Conquer
Download Will of Humanity Expand and Conquer Edition